16 Helpful Moving Tips People Wish To Know Earlier

helpful moving tips


16 Helpful Moving Tips People Wish To Know Earlier

When we talk about moving day, there are certain things that we need to do before we move to a new house.

Let’s check it out!


Check Your Expenses

moving tips ( Check Expenses )

First of all, before we start to discuss the moving tips, please do a financial check. Calculate your total net income, and try to save some amount based on the preferred house that you want to rent or buy.

If you can not be consistent with the amount of “commitment”, I am suggested you should increase your income first and then get back to your plan again.

Otherwise, if you still want to continue with the plan to move out, you will suffer from other things like not having enough money to eat or pay for other commitments.

This moving tip is very crucial as the first step before you approach any landlords for rent/buy a house.


Be Prepared & Lower Your Expectations

moving tips ( lower your expectation )

If you already pass the “financial test”. The next moving tip is Be Prepared & Lower Your Expectations.

Firstly, you can approach the landlord of your dream house.

But as a precaution, please be prepared with the house conditions. Lower your expectation about the house.

It might be hurtful if you put the higher expectations of your dream house.

Ask more about the house’s condition and the reason why the landlord is open for rent/buy.


Next Moving Tips, If you are working from home, please check this.

Check the natural lighting, phone coverage, wifi, and neighborhood.

Natural lighting is important for you to get a relaxing environment, besides you need sunlight to get your laundry dry.

Phone coverage is really important for you as you work from home. If the phone coverage is too weak, it will be so hard for you to make an important call for example.

Wifi is one of the best technologies right now, almost all houses have wifi as an internet provider. It really important if you work from home.

The neighborhood is one of the elements that can help you to find peace and harmony. If you need someone to talk to or communicate with if you have a problem, this element can help you that time.

If you really need someone as a housemate or roommate, please choose wisely.

this moving tip is important too. Choosing the right housemate or roommate is really important for you either for your physically and mentally.

You need someone that can be tolerant and helpful. Someone that can discuss if any problem happens.

Either you choose your friends or siblings or you can open for the tenant as sharing at any platform such as

Declutter all your belongings before you start to pack.

moving tips ( declutter your items )

The next moving tip is to declutter all your belongings before you start to pack for your new house. For all items that you need to clear or throw away if the items still can be used, you can donate or recycle them.

After finishing it, it is easy for you to pack your items and it would be stress-free.


The next moving tip is to start buying the essentials as early as you can.

if you afford to buy the essentials such as cooking utensils. just buy anything important first that you really need as an initial.

Then, you can save money first and buy other important things for your house.

Pack smart so you can unpack easily down the line.

moving tips ( label your box )

Label every container and box that contain your items. List down all items in the container or box, it will ease you when you need to rearrange or find the item back at your new house.

Always remember, to find your essential item first like your shower supplies, toothbrush, etc.


Prepare a bag or suitcase of things you’ll need in the first 24 hours.

moving tips ( put first day items in suitcase )

Put all your first-day items like the cloth that you need to wear after finishing the house moving. You do not need to struggle to find the essential items in your box.


Save time by packing hanging clothes directly into plastic bags or containers.

this moving tip is important for you because it will save your energy and time to hang it back. You can use a wardrobe carton box to pack your hanging clothes.


And once you move in, immediately set up your bed.

Remember this moving tip because when you already unload all your items. Please set up your bed first. Put all your first-day items near your bed.

Why set up a bed important?

Because it will help you get some rest when you feel so tired after the busiest moving day.


If you’re looking to hire a moving company, find the experienced one.

moving tips ( mover company )

When we discuss a mover company, find the experienced one because you need an expert mover to help you bring all your items quickly and safely to your new house.

At Rembau Movers, we can do all processes from packing all your items until we unload to your new house and we rearrange & unpack all your items.


Find 2nd hand furniture if you are on a budget.

2nd hand furniture can save more money but you must check first the condition of the furniture that you want to buy.

If you want to use it for the long term, observe the condition of the furniture.

If you want to use it for the short term, at least 50% is in good condition.


Learn how to repurpose things if you want a cost-friendly approach to furnishing and decorating.

The next moving tip is you can learn how to DIY for furnishing and decorating purposes.

You can buy a cheaper thing at an eco shop or any deco shop and try to DIY for your house decoration.


Store important documents, like receipts and tax information, in a file organizer.

Make sure to store important documents in a safe place or in a file organizer and put them in a safe and secret place.

Change the locks when you move in.

The next moving tip is if you are renting a house, if the landlord provides the locks, consider changing them to new locks. At least, you can feel safe and secure even if you are not in the house.

Build relationships with your neighbours and people in your local community.

build a relationship with your neighbours because at least you can live in harmony and peace. Do some local community activities if possible to get to know more about your neighbours.

That’s all from me about the moving tips. hopefully, those tips can help you when you are moving to your new house.

Thank you for your time!


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