Frequently Asked Question

What is the type of Rembau Movers lorries?

Rembau Movers lorries are bonded-type

What are the size and capacity of Rembau Movers lorries?

  • 1 tonne (bonded)
  • 3 tonne (bonded)
  • 10 tonne (bonded)
  • trailer
  • low-loader

How much time is required to complete a moving process?

It depends on many factors:-

  • The size of the house
  • Residential support (loading bay,
    maintenance lift)
  • Items quantity
  • Furniture type (heavy furniture will take
    more time)
  • The distance between pickup and drop off
  • Type of service you choose

Are you a legal mover?

We are registered company under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM)

Our registered number is 1233934-A

How is the process to book Rembau Movers services?

1. Get a Quotation from our Website: https://rembaumovers.com.my or contact us +03-87050364 or +6012-6805965.

2. Full confirmation details will be updated for you through Whatsapp / Message.

3. Made 10% Booking Payment from the total price and send Payment Receipt to +6012-6805965 (Whatsapp Only).

4. . Balance Payment is made using Online Transfer or Paid by Cash to our Team Leader after the job is done.

I can’t find the suitable service package for my moving.

Please contact our hotline number +6012-680 5965

Can I change my booking date?

Yes, you may change your booking date 2 weeks in advance based on the vacancy of our slot

How do I pay?

1. Firstly, you need to pay a 10% Booking payment of the total price you received in the Quotation into Rembau Movers account through Online Transfer or ATM Deposit Payment.

2. Balance payment is made using Online Transfer or paid by Cash to the Team Leader after the job is done.

Is there any extra charges if moving process taking place on public holiday?

Yes, extra charges are applicable for manpower that works on Public Holiday.

Do you carry our personal or valuable items such as money, jewelry and etc.?

For safety purpose, we advised you to bring along your personal and valuable item together with you such as jewelry, watch, ring, cash money and others

Do you handle pet for moving?

We are sorry, for now we do not provide services for moving pets.

Do you provide insurance for our goods?

Yes, we provide Marine Insurance for the things that we lift or carry for customer. For additional information regarding insurance you can directly contact our hotline number, +6012-680 5965.

Is the price quote for customer is fixed?

It is depends based on the consultation and advice from our well trained and experienced staff, whether you need to add on extra services such as extra boxes, wrapping and etc., but the customer have the option to make the decision. There is no hidden cost charge.

Do you need to be there during the moving day?

It is not necessary, we guarantee the credibility of our staff, but you advise to be there to supervise.

What are the things that we did not carry with?

All prohibited and illegal items such as drugs, illegal weapons and etc.