Local & International Freight Forwarder

REMBAU MOVERS also known as one of freight forwarding company by providing assistance to individuals, commercial organisation, importers and exporters who need help facilitating international trading operation. Besides, we work out the best method and route for such moving large volumes of freight from one point of origin to the destination, utilizing several modes of transport, ensure the cargo reaches its destination as soon as possible, safe and affordable and reasonable rate. In fact, we also responsible for handling the packing, insurance, customs documentation and other regulatory requirements if required.

Packing & Removal

REMBAU MOVERS provides our own packing services based on customers demand. We’re also responsible for stacking and piling goods into their correct containers and preparing them for shipment by using various equipment including labeling on each, for instance, pallet or crates. We also ensure the cleanliness of each crates/pallets before placing goods into them.

Custom Clearance

Represent client during customs examination, assessment, payment duty and deliver cargo from customs

Shipping Agencies

To serve and provide reliable services such as:

  • Contact shippers & receivers of the goods
  • Collect cargoes
  • Organize the supply, transport and handling of goods
  • Vessel in / out clearance
  • Liaise with authority marine, customer, immigration & others